The Light

Art by Daniel Sky

See the light

A thousand million crystals

Shining together as one

In whom no darkness can abide

Shining brighter than the sun

Feel the light

Encasing, speaking, whispers,

Longings of the wind

Promises that stretch forever

To eternity and without end

Touch the light

And hold the promise

Close within your treasured grasp

Knowing that you hold securely

Assurance of the vow you clasp

Know the light

And in that knowledge

Blends the touches of the divine

A life that searched, and now realizes

The source of the iridescent shine

Take the light

Within your heart

Bearing for those who would behold

See it glow and feel the wonder

The dream that came to be retold

Live the light

And in its flame

Find the purpose that you seek

Caring not for glory, fame

Who is strong, or who is weak

Give the light

Outshine the shadows

Paint the prism of life’s story

Trace the colors to blend the rainbow

Of your life, with lasting glory


Your Thoughts?

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