Heart of Man

I see you there…standing, waiting, watching. Each time your face is different. Sometimes your eyes peer out from youthful and innocent features. Other times you carry the burdens of experience. Yet still, I know it is you; a different face, but your soul is the same.

For years now, since I can remember, I have seen you: at a bus stop, at the checkout counter, in a crowd of people—yet strangely detached from your friends. I have seen you walking down the street or passing by in a vehicle. Whether you hide beneath a smile, or sorrow is your expression’s name, always it is your eyes that tell me who you are.

Sometimes I see you just passing by and I remain unnoticed, unseen and wondering: How long have you been waiting? Will you ever find that which you seek?

Sometimes, though, our eyes meet. I see you; you see me, and I know, it is still you; and still you are waiting, watching, hoping. Knowledge is common, but truth remains hidden, just out of your grasp.

I reach out, without words, without even a movement or gesture. Yet it is through my eyes that I express what words can never say…

Give life a chance. Let love guide the way.


One comment on “Heart of Man

  1. silverwaters says:

    So beautifully said. Makes me hope and pray that my eyes can express the same when needed…


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