Of Forests and Future

A misty forest path

Life is beautiful—the way it changes each day, the expectancy of the unknown.

Change brings many things; change is a foundational element of life. Why, then, do we tend to fear it when it comes upon us unexpectedly?

We know that joy is ahead, for joy is always a part of life; but with it is the realization that we must also face sorrow. There will be the fulfillment of hopes; there will also be disappointments. Life is such.

Peering into the future is like walking into a forest—beautiful, misty, sometimes lonely, sometimes almost foreboding—always unknown. There is beauty. There are sights and sound: new, exciting, frightening at times. But who doesn’t love the forest?—the wonder, the magic, the prospect of adventure and discovery.

As a child, I loved camping in the forest. I pictured myself passing through some kind of vortex and being magically drawn into medieval times, a world of castles and princesses, fairies and dragons, rescues and adventures, magic and wonder. If nothing else, I imagined discovering treasure hidden hundreds of years before. Of course, it never happened; I am still here, rather than seeking enchantments to battle evil sorcerers. But the wonder and magic that I felt as a child whenever I was in the woods; this has never ceased.

Being an adult now, I have had to let go of some of those dreams and imaginations. It’s amazing how quickly we sometimes let go of our childhood wonder, without even realizing it. Facing changes ahead in my own life (an unexpected move halfway across the world), excitement and joy have not necessarily been the main emotions in my heart. In actually assessing my outlook, I realize that I have been almost dreading some aspects of the change I am soon to experience. What happened to the wonder, the magic, the delight?

I asked my son (four years old) what he is most looking forward to about our upcoming move. After a short hesitation, he said just what I expected him to say: “I don’t know.”

Then I asked, “Are you excited?”

“Yes!” (Big smile included, of course)

“Are you happy?”


“Are you inspired?”


My son seemed to understand and grasp these things better than I did: the underlying concept of the change. Change, to him, equaled excitement, inspiration, new experiences, and resultant happiness. Why shouldn’t it mean the same to me?

Just as my children hold my hand and knows they will be safe, I am holding the hand of the One who holds both me and the future safe within His loving hands. I think I’m going to let go of the worry, of the “what-if’s”, of any trepidation and fear. I’m going to adopt my son’s joy and expectancy. Who knows? We might come across a fairy or two, or an old enchanted castle. If nothing else, the delight and wonder in our hearts will carry us through the change, to the growth, beauty and fulfillment that is ahead.


2 comments on “Of Forests and Future

  1. Sunny says:

    We all need to remember where we came from, as children. Thanks for helping us remember those things. Sometimes as adult we tend to forget these things. Beautiful reminder.


  2. David Kiran says:

    Beautiful! I’ll be praying that you will find that happiness, joy and beauty as you hold on to His hand through the changes ahead! You and your family will be in my prayers.


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