rainbow waterfallI love the taste of raindrops alighting on my lips.

I love the sunset’s golden rays caress my fingertips.

I love the wind blowing wild and free,

As I stand on a mountain, forever I see.

I love the forest canopy, peaceful shade and hues.

I love the moss beneath my feet, the sky of blue.

I love the stars that sparkle, like diamonds encase the night.

I love the glint on eagle’s wings, as he takes off into flight.

I love the tears that can be formed into Heaven’s magic spell.

I love the word that can break the feeling of a silent hell.

I love the moonlight gliding on the midnight’s gentle seas.

I love the hills of golden wheat swaying with a summer’s breeze.

I love the sound of breaking waves upon the distant shore.

I love the windswept garment of a sandy desert floor.

I love the fight of the fearless, defending all they own.

I love the valiant martyr, such courage in anguish shown.

I love the moors, so wild, free and lonely all the same.

I love the beauty of nature, not seeking glory or fame.

I love the laughter of an innocent child;

I love the shy and wishing smile.

I love the dream that dares to come true.

I love the forever I’ll share with you

(Written May 22, 1999)

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