Moonlit Wonder

moonlit nightThe moon it stands
Untouched by hands
Beholding our sad plight
It sees these days
The errant ways
And yet still shines each night

The light portrays
Its silent phase
Bright as it grows and fades
A message unheard
Spoken without word
Earth pines beneath its shades

We try to reach
What they would teach
If we would dare to listen
Our minds inflate
But why the hate
When dawns light still can glisten

We try to roam
Venture from home
Experience, your master
We run away
Night follows day
And we run ever faster

But in the night
Survey the sight
And breathe the peaceful scene
The moon’s bright glowing
Magnificent, knowing
Portraying wisdom serene

You can’t explain
Yet would not deign
Its secret words to hear
Though it intrigues
Curiosity piques
Yet still, yet still you fear

But come away
Travel a day
Within the moonlit wonder
Perhaps you’ll hear
It shed a tear
On mankind’s way of plunder

Perhaps you’ll view
Its gaze on you
With wisdom of all ages
Of lives revived
And hell survived
As mankind turned its pages

Perhaps you’ll see
A future scene
Of what will yet unfold
Of days to come
Of stars and sun
Of moonlit paths untold

Yet stay a while
Perhaps you’ll smile
A secret to behold
Of forever’s doors
Beyond these shores
Upon its streets of gold

Your Thoughts?

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