Forever, Valentine

valentine heart and crossA day of love, of roses, hearts

Where dance emotions through the arts

Where passion meets the cherub’s dart

On this day, Valentine


“I promise to be only thine

You who are forever mine”

And hearts expand and hearts entwine

Always for Valentines


It is a day of love and passion

Expressed in today’s latest fashion

All other days our love we ration

But not on Valentine’s


We seek to grasp, to keep, to hold

That elusive thing that can’t be sold

And pour it in perfection’s mold

For it’s our Valentine


But in a time so long ago

That now the truth we don’t quite know

A love endured life’s harshest blow

His name was Valentine


For love he lived, in love he died

A love he knew would yet abide

Beyond life’s time and past its tide

He loved his “Valentine”


Their love was pure, their lives so young

As dreams among the stars they flung

The angels saw and cherubs sung

For it was Valentine


But hate, as ever, evil sought

Hoping true love from earth to blot

Happened upon a sordid plot

And captured Valentine


“Repent of this love that you now speak

Such notions make the nation weak

The strong will win over the meek”

They ordered Valentine


“But I must to this love be true

A love that died for me and you

Even if only accepted by a few”

Thus spoke he, Valentine


And for this love he chose to die

Around the world they heard his cry

His soul then flew beyond the sky

New life for Valentine


And on this day of love behold

A priceless truth that can’t be sold

More precious than diamonds or pure gold

The words of Valentine


True love is bound to sacrifice

Yet is willing to pay the highest price

Beyond which lies sweet paradise

Forever, Valentine


Fear not the loss, for deepest gain

Lies on the paths that promise pain

For at the end, life starts again

And always, Valentine

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