Bread of Heaven

Jesus with staffDear Lord, sometimes I hunger for bread

I recall the fresh-baked aroma that I can almost taste

I bring to my mind the feeling of warmth

And the taste, light yet filling.

I remember the times my hunger was satisfied and long for those times once more. For the feeling in my hand of holding a warm loaf of bread and savoring every bite that brought me joy and satisfaction.

Now my hands are empty, and the memory as transient as the heady aroma that filters through the air one moment but is gone the next.

I search, I hunger, and I ask why.

When all the while I forget that You are the Bread of Heaven.


And Lord, sometimes I thirst.

On scorching, dry days.

I close my eyes and can almost feel the cool liquid running down my throat, quenching my thirst. It sparkles, splashes, almost gushes forth with life.

But I open my eyes and the desert remains, and the shimmers in the distance only a perceived surcease from the unending search. If I were to reach it, the glimmer would fade before my eyes, like so many have before.

I fall to my knees in empty despair.

When you have told Me that You are the Water of Life.


Oh, blessed Bread that satiates my soul,

Welcoming Water that quenches the hunger of my heart,

Let me not forget that You are always with me.

That Your fountain of life does not run dry

That the aroma of Your presence does not fade away

Satisfy my longing with the substance that only You can give

Fill my spirit.

Illuminate my soul.

Inundate my very being.

Let me splash and play in the endless ocean of Your love

Let me drink deeply of Your Water of Life

Open to me the iridescent gates of eternal joy

Pour down to me the Bread of Heaven

And help me see that the times I hunger and thirst

Are when I do not let You enter fully my heart and allow You to fill my soul

Your Thoughts?

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