A Reason, A Purpose

There are times I think that in my life I’ve done more harm than good.

When I regret not having done those things I know I should.


There are times it seems as if a mountain blocks my way

And though I’ve heard it comes to pass, the sorrow tries to stay.


There are times I feel the way is harder than my heart can bear

Times I reach out and feel that there is nothing, no one, there


There are times I seek to pray but cannot say a word

Times I admit I wonder if a single prayer was heard


Then there are times that joy abiding comes to fill my heart

Times I understand that I play a special, unique part


In a rhyme that runs so deep it was formed before time started

In a love so vast that from it none could e’er be parted


In a reason for this life that calls unto my very soul

In a purpose helping others find that which makes them whole


There is a meaning that goes beyond life’s passing, changing tide

Given by the One who in my heart always will abide

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