The Unseen Author

Enter The StoryWhen reading stories that were written “back in the day,” I notice an element that has been eliminated, for the most part, from writing today.

The author’s perspective. The author jumping in a reminding us, for a moment, that we are reading a book.

It crops up in C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

But authors today are not generally supposed to enter the story.


Perhaps in some ways it detracts from the telling. Maybe we, as readers, want to be fully engrossed in every aspect of the novel. We don’t want to be reminded that an author penned it all from somewhere deep within their mind and heart.

We don’t want to simply see figures on a page. But characters that live and love and breathe. Almost as if they gave themselves life and the writer behind the scenes had nothing to do with it at all.

Something rings familiar about that.

An Author, creating His beloved characters, placing them within an intricately woven story.

Designing the scenes, the conflict, the tension. Allowing the characters to choose their dialogue, their actions.

And the characters, choosing to believe there is no author. No over-arching premise, no underlying purpose.

It’s all just conflict and tension, problems and setbacks, broken settings and miss-matched scenes. And finally, at the end, no resolution. No satisfied sigh at the close of the last page.

Just: “The end” and after that, silence . . . nothing.

The Author might have opted not to clearly speak into your story, but that does not mean His voice goes unheard.

You can feel it in the perfect weave and flow of the plot. The texture and diversity of scenes. The depth and growth of the characters. The hidden beauty in context and elements.

No character is brought into the story without purpose.

No conflict lacks a resolution.

No sub-plot is void of meaning.

The story of your life is unique and beautiful.

Written by an Author whose love for each of His characters was so great that He entered into the story, made life’s greatest sacrifice, and created a “happily ever after” that will truly last forever.


2 comments on “The Unseen Author

  1. cmjanz says:

    I salute you for a piece that is so bang on the money and not just about the writing. Keep it coming!


  2. […] us full circle, we can be assured we’re not driving in circles. We’re being guided by the pen of the Author, Who urges us to live life looking forward in confidence, reaching toward the prize of His high […]


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