And there was Light

rays of light through the forestFor everyone in this world, life is a struggle.

For some of us, it seems like a constant struggle … first one thing, then another, relieved by a momentary lull, which turns out to be the calm before an even bigger storm.

For others, life appears a little less challenging … it’s not so perpetually trying. It might even be considered almost peaceful.

Then something happens to break that peace. The gentle breeze that before blessed your life morphs into an angry wind, and you begin to wonder if the peace was a facade all along.

The struggle continues, unabated. Whether it is an issue with a job or problems with your family, a trying circumstance or an unexpected loss from which you feel you’ll never recover. The wind begins to pick up pieces of your life and hurl them down with great force, dashing hopes, dissolving aspirations, and shattering closely guarded dreams.

You feel trapped in a senseless vortex, a destructive, dark and hopeless void, out of which there seems no possible way.

There was once a void, vast and dark, into which God spoke only four words.

“Let there be light.”

He did not struggle to get out of the darkness.

He did not fight the expansive void.

He did not strive against its depressing presence.

He spoke.

“Let there be light.”

And there was light.

And it was good.

Light, and all the goodness that comes from it – love, hope, peace, direction – originated from a simple command.

God saw darkness and void, and brought out light and life and beauty.

That’s all well and good, you might say, but he is God.

Yes, He is.

And you are His child. Do you not think that your Father – who graced the universe with light and purpose with a few words – could bring the same to your life?

We, who so often struggle against the dark elements in our lives, and fight against the tumultuous storm and fierce wind of difficult circumstances, need only to remember that light is still shining, just beyond the clouds.

And even in the midst of it, there is calm to be found in the center of the storm. A peace from the one who speaks into the darkness of our hearts and lives today with the same words:

Let there be light.

And there is light.


Your Thoughts?

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