NaNoWriMo Day Nine

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Words Written on Day Eight: 3,904

Total Words Written for NaNoWriMo: 10,005

I’m facing a unique dynamic with this month’s “write-as-much-as-you-possibly-can-and-think-about-it-later” approach.

I usually write when I’m inspired with a certain scene or dialogue. It goes something like this: I’m washing dishes. I start to think about the characters of one of my stories and they begin to converse in my head, or the plot thickens in some way.

I continue whatever I’m doing, going on to make dinner or clean the fridge or take the kids out somewhere, and the scene develops in my mind.

If it’s a good day, I get to the computer sometime in the evening and manage to remember a good portion of the dialogue or scene and type it up. (On a not-so-good day I forget it all by the time I manage to get to the point where I can type it up, and it’s lost.)

But this month, although I have a general direction that I want the book to go, I haven’t already gotten the scene figured out in my mind when I sit down, so it often goes in a new and unexpected direction. I feel like calling out to the characters or the scene, “Hold on a second. That wasn’t quite the plan.”

But maybe that’s the idea?

Maybe writing in this way instead of figuring it all out mentally in advance (which I’m realizing is my approach to everything in life) is the best part of the whole experience.

So things might get a little out of hand. So I don’t know exactly where everything is going to end up and don’t have the same control over my story. Perhaps it will bring out better scenes and stories than I might have conjured up on my own. (If nothing else, there’s always the delete key.)

But for now, I’m enjoying the unexpected twists of the journey, even though at times it makes my stomach feel like it’s in my throat for a moment, and I twist and sway with the centrifugal force of the sharp turns.

Taking the journey, after all, is the only way we reach any destination. And the more exciting the journey, the most satisfying the destination.


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