Enthusiasm is Contagious

Christmas TreeMy four-year-old son, Aiden, has been looking forward to Saturday all week long. I told him it was the day we would decorate the house and put up the tree.

This morning he woke up earlier than I would have liked and excitedly woke me as well, saying, “It’s Saturday, Mommy. Does that mean we get to put up more decorations in the house?”

When I said yes, he clapped his hands together and grinned his huge “Aiden smile.”

I’m thankful for enthusiasm. I don’t always have as much as I would like, but when the kids have it, it is often contagious.

Today, I put aside pretty much anything else and we spent the day pulling out our Christmas boxes and finding places for all our decorations. It’s our first Christmas in this house, so everything looks new and different from years past. My aunt gave us a box of adorable snowmen, of various shapes and sizes and styles, and they adorn our living room. It’s a winter wonderland!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


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