Almost Beyond Belief

Why do we tend to fear

Things we do not understand

Like love and God

And sometimes life itself

So big they are

So often out of hand

Throwing them aside is easier

Than taking a chance


Beyond all knowing, I think

He cares

He understands

The questions, the fears

Even the choice, sometimes, to disbelieve

It’s hard, God knows

Only He knows just how hard

Life, and love, can be

Our hearts full of joy and pain

And loss and questions why


I think, almost beyond belief

He smiles, and loves

In spite of it all


4 comments on “Almost Beyond Belief

  1. Jarrod C says:

    Why do we fear what we don’t understand and call it different but build up our owns beliefs as faith?


    • Bonita Jewel says:

      Good point. When it comes down to it, there’s very little we really do understand, isn’t there? 🙂


      • Jarrod C says:

        Also a good point. I think there are a lot of things we think we understand but actually don’t and other things we want to understand but can’t. I was discussing a similar idea on another blog, but we want to assign meaning to everything – some sort of logic – even if it is skewed.

        Sometimes, things just are.


  2. Bonita Jewel says:

    True, Jarrod. I like the way you put it. I noticed you also write poetry. Will have to check out your blog sometime. Happy writing! 🙂


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