The Edge of a Moment

Thank you, God, for peace and beauty, for mornings that glimmer with the promise of something otherworldly. Something like peace. Thank You for mornings so bright they are almost too harsh to look upon for fear of hurting the eyes. Such mornings promise a day dawning brighter than anything that has been seen or known. A day that all will look upon and not have to squint or cower, but instead finally rejoice.

Thank You for the promise of Your return, which whispers on the edge of every lovely thing in nature, and every thing that is mixed with a little bit of unloveliness, a little bit of sorrow or pain. Like a rose bush with thorns.

Or even the birth of a child. So beautiful. So joyful. And so sad. More than the pain of birth, it stems from the knowledge that the child coming into life so fresh and new will be beset by pain and surrounded by so much that seeks to take away his true joy, and block his search of truth.

Bring children the joy of the silence and peace of a morning like this, the knowledge that You are with them, and they have nothing to fear. For life and beauty waits at the edges of every moment, almost too bright to look upon, yet bidding us to glance again. And to believe.

For their sakes, fill our hearts with that same mixture of joy and truth even in the midst of pain or vanity. So that we can share it with them with a whisper or a song, a word or a shout, a clasped hand as we gaze together upon a morning of blended beauty. Help us to keep our eyes on the beauty, on the light.

On You.

3 comments on “The Edge of a Moment

  1. Hi Bonita! This devotion is so peaceful and reassuring! Don’t you just feel closer to the Lord when reflecting on His greatness and love! 🙂


  2. Thomas Baird says:

    Hi Sister, this personal reflection was wonderfully put forth. Some Christians you talk with and may know well, have this sort of I got my bags packed and just waiting to go aura, about them, while wasting no time doing so. I enjoy your reflections and writings sister.


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