Reading Leads to Writing

unfinished story

A “Word Fitly Written” often begins with a word read. … Usually more than a word. An idea. A concept. Something that reaches from the written page into the soul and whispers a truth or invokes an emotion. Words read that inspire the writing of more words, the exploring of other truths, the creation of other emotions.

When I am inspired to write, it is most often a result of reading. Not everything I read urges me to write, but many things do. When I read something that mirrors my thoughts or exposes an undiscovered piece of my soul, I feel the need to explore it further. This naturally leads to writing about it.

The art of writing, someone once said, is the art of discovering what you believe. There is something enlightening, sometimes cathartic, at times painful, about writing. Especially when we are honest with our emotions and in our words.

This past year, 2014, I kept track of the books I read. It was the first time I ever wrote down the title of each book I read in a one-year period. At the beginning of the year, I also told myself that I would make a change, adopt a new habit, or try something new as a result of each book I read. In other words, I would not allow it to be mere words on paper, but I would strive to make them a part of me somehow. I would choose to develop and grow as a result.

I haven’t been so faithful in that, although I wrote down some good ideas and copied a few great quotes. I haven’t allowed myself enough time to reflect as I read. After all, it’s been a full year. A busy year. A good year.

In total, I read 50 books this year, almost 13,000 pages. Keeping track of them through Goodreads made a difference in helping me finish some of the books I began … as did the idea of reaching that “round number” of 50. “Meeting” some authors also helped.

I feel blessed to have discovered a few “new” authors, so often like reuniting with old friends. Every time a book, or a chapter, or a page inspires me to write a page, a chapter, or a book of my own, I am grateful. Grateful to the author who was the source of the inspiration, and to the Author of every life story, and the Source of all inspiration, creativity, and beauty.

Happy New Year! Happy Reading … Happy Writing.


4 comments on “Reading Leads to Writing

  1. As I told my seventh grade English students before they went pn break, if the literature you are reading isn’t somehow changing you and making you a better person, why are you reading it? I’ve subjected myself to snackfood reading and have forgotten almost everything I read and don’t remember even enjoying the literature. However, “meat and potatoes” literature has power to transform and change our thinking. And, in turn, we write about it.


  2. belowaveragewriter says:

    This is a fantastic post! Reading is invaluable!


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