When the Heart Skips a Beat

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All the while we have been pursuing God he has been rushing toward us with reckless love, arms flung wide to hug us home. God aches for every person, for every creature, indeed, for every scrap of life in all creation to be joined again in the unity that was its first destiny. So while we are crying out, “Where are you, God?” the divine voice echoes through our hiding places, “Where are you?” … God’s initiating presence may be ever so subtle–an inward tug of desire, a more-than-coincidence meeting of words and events, a glimpse of the beyond in a storm or in a flower–but it is enough to make the heart skip a beat and to make us want to know more.

“Where are you?”

Such an odd question for an omnipresent God to ask. In all places at all times.

Such an odd question for an omniscient God to ask. All-knowing.

“Where are you?”

Almost as though, as He walked in the cool of the day with His beloved creation, He let go of the knowledge and power for a moment in time and allowed Himself to experience life to the full beneath the setting sun. Or perhaps, as many parents would do when they know exactly what their children have been up to but choose to ask a question instead, He was giving Adam and Eve the chance to reveal themselves. To tell the truth. To come out of hiding.

They did, in a way. In part, at best. But nothing was ever the same again after that day. A day one of my kids’ devotionals refers to as “the very sad day.”

“Where are you?”

And so often, we continue to hide. Within our houses or workplaces or even churches. Behind others, or our culture or accomplishments. It’s so hard to stand straight before the Voice in the wind calling through history and beyond time, beckoning and chasing with sure step.

As we continue to hide, He continues to call. Perhaps He did not, in the Garden so long ago, let go of His knowledge and power to see the evening through the eyes of His creation. But He did one day, one silent night. Shedding robes of Heaven’s royalty, donning the torn garment of mankind. Stepping into the pressing confines of time and space to truly seek and find that which was lost.

“Where are you?”

So that in so many things we may hear His voice, by His grace choose to answer, and through His love find our way Home again.


One comment on “When the Heart Skips a Beat

  1. godsyellowlimo says:

    Good write! Our experiences with God, is confined to our own fears. I mean, God, loves us so much, and because its perfect, unblemished that its hard for this sin natured man, sometimes to conceptualize His love. At best for me, there are times when I “feel” His presence, I weep with uncontrolled emotions I cant honestly identify. Is it joy, amazement? I think my biggest fear is His Love, does He love such a man as me? Then I know intellectually He does, there’s too much proof to deny it. This article was thought made me think.

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