To Know that We Are Loved

Ken Gire quote

All of us at some time or another have wandered away from our best self, gotten disoriented, become lost, and found ourselves on the outside. Our greatest need as humans is to know that we are loved, even out there, regardless of how we got there. …

By leaving the host of heaven and coming to earth that one holy night, the Good Shepherd was saying to each of us: “You are loved. You are worthy of my pursuit. Worthy to be rescued. Worthy to be carried on my shoulders, to be rejoiced over all the way home.” – Ken Gire, “Relentless Pursuit”

Maybe we didn’t even feel that we wandered away. Or didn’t want to wander. Or didn’t realize that is what we had done with our decisions and steps. Life had gotten the better of us, as it does. With a life to earn and a family to deserve. With deadlines and emergencies and unexpected expenses. Expensive to the heart and soul often more than to the pocketbook or budget. And one day we wake up and wonder, “How did I get here?” Or maybe even, “Where is here?”

And we feel alone. At work. At the dinner table. In church. At a party. It doesn’t matter. There is the world and everyone in it. And there is you. Stuck on the outside, somehow. Unable to find your way back in. Unsure that inside is where you even want to be.

And so many questions filter through your mind. You are more concerned about whether they are even worth asking to determine whether they are ultimately answerable. Sometimes you wonder, even if you were found, would you want to be? Or would you want to remain hidden, where it’s safer? Where no light shines on the questions in your heart, illuminating the confusion of life and all that is in it.

And without realizing it, you are crying out into the cold and storm of the darkest night.

And before knowing it, you are picked up and wrapped in warmth against the bleeding cold.

You are told that you are loved.

That there is a place you can not only call home, but feel home. Know that you are home. In your heart, no matter where you find yourself. In the love of the one who sought you out, heard your silent call, swept you into His heart that bled for you. And loved you … loves you … just as you are.


One comment on “To Know that We Are Loved

  1. Gerd Hanssen says:

    Beatiful! Thank you!

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