“This is second time that I have hired Bonita as an editor. She did phenomenal work on my first two books! I will be looking to hire Bonita again on my third book project very soon.” – Julio Alvarado, author of The Mystery of Iniquity Revealed

“Very prompt, professional, and an expert in the field. I would recommend hiring Bonita Jewel as an editor for any book and/or children’s book project.” – Jennifer Hopson, children’s story writer

“An absolute joy to work with! Very professional. I highly recommend her services.” – John D. Diamond, author of The Rise of America, and director of Peacemakers Outreach

“Bonita surpassed our expectations and we are very appreciate of her work, timeliness and fees. We will be sure to hire her again for any similar project.” – Starla, Zoe Life Publishing

“I found the quality of work to be first rate, as well as being very effective and efficient with time. I had frequent updates, and communication was always fast and friendly. I look forward to using her services again.” – Matt, e-book author

“Bonita is a real gem (Pardon the pun!) but she is. Did all I asked and more. She put her heart and soul into my work and exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much Bonita!” – Kevin McNamara, author and funeral celebrant

“Fantastic work! Detail oriented. Robust grammar skills and effort. Bonita definitely has my highest recommendation.” – Diana Chang, “Indie” author

“She did an amazing job editing the manuscript and finished before the agreed upon deadline. Will use this freelancer again. Very impressed.” – Daniel Lancaster, missionary and author of Making Radical Disciples

“Bonita is indeed a precious jewel, she did an exceptional job on editing our sermons into a book and we really hope to have a long term professional relationship with her. Great job Bonita.” – Sherwin, project manager

“A gifted writer and professional businesswoman. I am delighted with Bonita’s work, her excellent communication and timely delivery. I highly recommend her and will use her again for my writing needs. Thank you, Bonita!” – Susan, Lead Editor of Christian magazine

Bonita is also Editor at Splickety Publishing Group

* * * * *


“Bonita did an excellent job on this project. she was professional , flexible, and easy to deal with. She hit every deadline on the project on time or early and delivered exceptional quality and above what I had hoped for and expected. She was creative and had great insight into the nature of the project. I would hire her again in a minute. A great job , very professional. ” – Jack, author *

“Probably the best Creative and Academic writer available! Bonita knows her job and does it excellently well. One thing I love about her work is that not only does she produce excellent works, she also delivers on schedule, which is rare among many I have dealt with in the past.” – Goddie, author *

“Bonita is great. She showed tremendous patience during our progress on this project. My schedule is a busy one but Bonita was always accommodating. She is just a wonderful person and now one I call a good friend. I will definitely work with her in the future.” – Dan, author *

“Bonita is the best! Period! She will be a life-long writing partner for me.” – Nic, author *

* Only first names have been provided for ghostwriting projects, as ghostwriting services, by nature, are kept as private knowledge.

* * * * *

Other Writing Services

“Once again, Bonita has exceeded my expectations. I could not recommend anyone more enthusiastically.” – Ken Gire, author of more than 20 books, including Answering the Call

“Bonita is an amazing writer and a gifted person! She has done an incredible job and I’ll continue to use her!” – Jay, business executive

“Bonita Jewel far exceeded my expectations on this job. She proved to be a superb writer, a hard worker, and a wonderful person to work with. If you need a writer, she will brighten your day!” – Tom Nguyen, creator and host of Scinti


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