Why Writing?

A little girl with a bookWhy a writing and editing service? Who even reads books these days, much less has time to write them?

Let me tell you a true story. A little girl, complete with bright eyes and soft dark curls, loved stories. When only two, she would sit and ‘read’ books, the big ones without pictures, making up a story of her own in words pronounced through a joyful baby babble.

At three, she progressed to actually reading books, at which time she told her mother she wanted her last name to be “Books,” because she loved them so much.

Four years, and she started reading to her little brother.

When she turned five, her most looked-forward-to prizes and gifts were books.

At six she wrote her first poem.

And now at seven, she has her brothers in rapt interest as she tells them stories about cars and boats and trucks—their favorite topic—stories that she makes up as she goes along. She has her mother and father amazed when the notepad disappears from the fridge for a little while and returns with an original poem in small distinct lettering.

“She takes after you, for sure,” my husband laughs as I read him the poem.

“She’ll go far beyond, I’m sure,” I answer, as I look back at my laptop, hundreds of files—unfinished stories, poems and blog posts—peeking out from their well-organized folders, silently beckoning me to remember them, and complete them. One day, I often say, when I have more time. One day, when it is time.

Right now, though, my focus is on you, you who are ready to write. You who have formulated your story in your mind and just need words to tell it. You who have written it and are hoping for some helpful input, some constructive criticism. You who are looking for editing, proofreading, or typesetting help from someone who doesn’t just see the project as another job, but as a story that needs telling, words that must be put together and said in just the right way.

Why a writing and editing service? Because everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps it is a fairy tale they have spun from the imaginative child that still peers out at life from wondering eyes. Perhaps it is a heartfelt rendition of their own experiences—the sorrowful and the beautiful—waiting to be strung into a unique piece of art. Perhaps it is nothing more than a blend of ideas with a dream that refuses to die and a hope that this will make a positive difference to the readers.

Through the words that I have written, as well as the words that I will write or edit for you, the purpose is the same, reaching into a heart, painting pictures that light their world and bring them hope, joy and a better tomorrow.

And just maybe…one day…my children’s pictures will be among them.A little girl reading, side angle


One comment on “Why Writing?

  1. Mommyheart says:

    Love it!


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